1984 (not Orwell)


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Play it loud. No one was hurt.


Eddie Murphy - Axel Foley
Frank Pesce - Cigarette Buyer
Gene Borkan - Truck Driver
Dennis Madden - 1st Detroit Cop
John Achorn - 2nd Detroit Cop (glasses)
GMC Astro 95 tractor with double-trailer

Hey buddy, what you doing here?

Oh officer, you know what just happened a few minutes ago? You ain't gonna believe this shit. Check this out: the truck it just stopped man, it just stopped.You got some jumper cables? You give me a jump.

You can find some more important information on IMCDB (in order of appearence):

1977 Mercury Grand Marquis

1980 GMC Astro

1979 Chrysler Newport

1977 Plymouth Fury

1972 Ford F-100

1979 GMC RTS

1968 Opel Kadett


You will die, if you steal my pictures!

Comic von Dürer

Comic von Dürer

Comic von Dürer